Who we are

Mpuntusem is a multi-media documentation, research and advocacy organization based in Accra. The word mpuntusεm originates from two Fante words; mpuntu which means development, progress and/or wellbeing and sεm (asεm/nsεm) which literally means stories or issues. Thus, Mpuntusεm Foundation serves as a development communication NGO which documents and implements impactful/ significant change narratives

What we stand for

We are Pan-African in orientation and our core values are integrity and creative excellence. Research and innovation underpin everything we do. And we really enjoy what we partner with others to create transformative narratives

What we do

Mpuntusem is primarily set up to:

  • utilize communication as a tool for development through multimedia documentation of socio-economic, cultural, historical and impact stories/narratives
  • conduct relevant research on development
  • preserve documents for reference and posterity
  • build the capacity of youth and women in leadership and skills development and advocate on issues affecting the wellbeing of the nation and the continent while promoting positive values and models for societal development. Our specific areas of advocacy include; Education & Human Resource Development, Natural Resource & Extractives, Democratic Governance and Health.